Undergrad Research Project - Finding and Analyzing Bottlenecks in Networks and Real-time Streaming

Fall 2015

Suyash Bhatt
Vyas Sekar
Project description

Currently, the FCC has no way of finding and analyzing bottlenecks in a consumer's network path. As a result, there is simply no way of knowing just who or what is responsible when a consumer complains of slow internet connections and slow internet streaming. The primary objective of this project is to use bottleneck detection software such as Pathneck in order to find and analyze those bottlenecks, as well as constructing a client, which can determine the quality of video that is streamed from popular websites such as YouTube. Ultimately, this software will be installed on several routers and given to select consumers so that the FCC can gather bottleneck data and video quality.

The agenda will be as follows: First, Pathneck will be configured and tested using Mininet in order to ensure that it works accurately. Second, a barebones client will be constructed that will detect “stutters” in video streaming, and then will be expanded with the ability to accurately determine video quality. Third, the implementation will be tested on a router, and fourth, the code will be polished, configured to fit in the router’s overhead, and released on the routers.

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