Undergrad Research Project - EV Car Security Project

Summer-1/All 2015

Ridhi Surana
Vyas Sekar, Venkat Viswanathan
Project description

In this project, we aim to address the goal of developing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges associated with undermining of electric vehicle safety through launching remote attacks specifically to degrade the battery packs both at the pack level and the cell level. For instance, key concerns for the adoption of EVs are factors such as “range anxiety” (battery life) and safety of batteries (e.g., fire hazards). Attackers who can reduce battery life or induce battery systems into unsafe operating regimes can have significant societal and economic impact for EV adoption. To this end, we will develop formal physics based detailed battery degradation models that will be used to test possible attack strategies. Based on this understanding, we will design control strategies to both detect and minimize damage from these attacks.

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