Undergrad Research Project - SRAM cells & Datapath

Summer-1/All 2015

Benjamin Broderick
Ken Mai
Project description

Work under the professor for 18-422 (Digital Integrated Circuits I). The final project in this class prepares teams of two for the capstone 18-525. Because I had no partner, I was only able to do about half of the project, however I would like to finish it in order to gain experience for the Intergrated Circuit Design Project of 18-525. If I complete the project from 18-422, I may be able to use that background to aid Professor Mai in his own research in summer session II. So, session I would be for credit, while session II would be for pay. The objective here is to spend time honing my Cadence skills and solidify the material from 18-422, then use that knowledge in session II. The SRAM cell portion of the project needs to be completed partway into session I, so that I may begin and get deep into the datapath during session I. The specification for the processor can be found on the 18-422 course Blackboard site.

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