Undergrad Research Project - Software Testing for Intermittent Energy Harvesting Devices

Summer-1/All 2015

Mark McElwaine
Brandon Lucia
Project description

Energy Harvesting Devices are a rapidly developing field of study that has a lot of potential. These devices receive energy wirelessly and are thus free of any power cords. But there are several unique challenges facing these devices, not the least of which stem from the way they receive power. Since they receive it from RF signals, they are vulnerable to momentarily losing power when the signal fades. The effects that this has on programs executing when power is lost are largely unknown. In order to better understand those effects, this project will simulate these crashes in C and find whether the crashed programs have a different outcome from when it ran normally.

Objective: The objective of this project is to produce some data on what types of programs are affected by this type of crash.

Method: The first part of this project involves writing a python program that takes in a program and then outputs a gdb script that simulates the failures using breakpoints and resets, The gdb script can then be run and we can check whether the program's output changes from the normal expected output.. This program will then be used to analyze a wide variety of programs.

Anticipated Results: We are able to distinguish roughly, at a high level, which programs will have changed outputs when they crash and which programs run normally

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