Undergrad Research Project - Reach

Fall 2015

Jacob Tesler
Red Whittaker
Project description

Reach is a 3-piece wearable localized HCI hardware-based and software-based platform, currently in development by a student-led team at Carnegie Mellon. Our team consists of students across disciplines, with a varying range of skills, which allows for a unique blend of teamwork and problem solving strategies to be brought forth. The current objective of the project and ongoing research is to continue development of the hardware prototype and software platform, develop documentation for a patent, and gather outside funding from corporate partners. Over the semester (and onward into future semesters), we will continue engineering our hardware prototypes, and work on completing various demos, such as control of a computer mainframe or Virtual Reality using an Oculus Rift. Our next goals moving forward are to do market research and continue developing new revisions to the hardware.

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