Undergrad Research Project - Automate Rolling Hump gait on modular snake robot

Spring 2015

Sebastian Kaeser
Howie Choset
Project description

The SEA-Snake is a modular snake robot developed in the Biorobotics Lab. This highly articulated device can use its many internal degrees of freedom to adapt to a large variety of situations and tasks. One of the gaits developed in the lab is Rolling Hump. It is an extension to the Rolling gait that offers the possibility to roll over obstacles. While rolling sidewise in an arc this gait can lift one part of the snake to climb over an obstacle. So far Rolling Hump is manually controlled. My project is to use the new module called skin sensor, to implement an autonomous version of Rolling Hump. The skin sensor is a module mounted in between two joints and holds 16 pressure sensors around its circumference. The sensor feedback of this module will allow me to detect contact with an obstacle. As soon as an obstacle is sensed the snake will create contour-fitting hump to negotiate the obstacle.

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