Undergrad Research Project - SPIRAL Project: Software/Hardware Generation for DSP Algorithms

Spring 2015

Sarah Spock
Franz Franchetti, Tze Meng Low
Project description

The purpose of this project is to determine the most accurate and consistent method for measuring power consumed by processors, memory controllers, memory, GPUs and GPU memory across a variety of modern platforms. This will involve: determining how power is distributed and consumed across these systems, how to measure power consumption at each of those points, and how to determine how those measurements relate to each other (computing for losses) in order to validate each measurement methodology. In addition to these questions, we want to determine how to improve the accuracy of measuring the power consumed by different devices (identical VRM across platforms, temperature control, etc). This project is well suited for undergraduates at every level who have basic soldering skills, patience and a desire to tear apart motherboards and graphics cards.

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