Undergrad Research Project - Computer Architecture and Platform Design for Energy - Harvesting Computer Systems

Spring 2015

Mark McElwaine
Brandon Lucia
Project description

Energy harvesting systems are a field of embedded systems with a great deal of promise. These devices receive energy tirelessly through signals and thus are not tethered to power cables. This frees up a great deal of space in electrical systems and it also allows for much greater flexibility in the placement of embedded systems. However there are also significant technological hurdles constraining this policy. The chief problem being that these energy harvesting devices will momentarily lose the signal and thus lose power, the system has to be prepared for such an occurrence and save vital program data.

Objective: The purpose is to figure out how to build programs that when faced with multiple interruptions, are resilient and are able to run to completion

Methods: The first task is build adequate benchmarks that can be tested. Once these benchmarks are built, then we ill check to see how resilient these programs are in the state of interrupts and how these interrupts affect the benchmarks. From these results we can then tell how to build programs that can handle multiple interrupts more effectively.

Expected Results: The expected results of this project is twofold, a better understanding of how to build programs resilient to unexpected interrupts and programs that can handle said interrupts and run to completion.

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