Undergrad Research Project - Autolab for AP CS

Spring 2015

Mihir Pandya
David O'Hallaron
Project description

Autolab is a course management service that enables instructors to offer autograded programming assignments to their students over the Web. By providing instant feedback to the student, Autolab makes it easier to learn and improve programming concepts.

Programming education at the high school level has been becoming more commonplace and important in the past couple of years. We would like add to this goal by creating a set of autograded labs for high school students that will be based on the Autolab system that we have been working on.

Since AP CS curriculum is standardized across high schools in the US and many other international schools, we will be basing our labs on the content taught in these classes. We are aiming to make these labs not only educational but also fun so that the students spend more time working on them.

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