Undergrad Research Project - Object Classification using Brain-Computer Interfaces

Spring 2015

Peter Wei
Pulkit Grover
Project description

The objective of this project is to estimate the concentration of students in a classroom using brain-machine interfaces. The purpose is primarily as a teaching method for students in fundamental signal processing. The methods will begin with collection of brain wave data; we will use a brain-computer interface to collect the data. Once the data has been collected, the data will be interpreted by first using Fourier transforms and then a classifier to separate the data. The classification algorithm is called Support Vector Machines (SVM), and will help to distinguish the mental focus of students into categories.

In addition, the project will use data taken from additional experiments to classify thoughts about objects. The classification algorithm used will be some variation on machine learning ensemble methods. The expected results are that one can use prior data to create better classifiers for classification of objects.

The project will eventually be used to develop a lab for ECE 18-290.

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