Undergrad Research Project - Software Security for the Internet-of-Things

Spring 2015

Hui Jun Tay
Priya Narasimhan
Project description

The Internet-of-Things refers to the network formed by independent embedded devices communicating and working together to fulfill various functions. The goal of this project is to evaluate the security of software on embedded devices in an Internet-of-Things setting. A secondary goal of this project is to investigate the efficacy of methods for improving the security of software on embedded Internet-of-Things devices. This project consists of the following steps: 1) Identify one or more corpora or collections of software code for embedded devices, 2) Check the software of these embedded devices for security flaws and bugs using currently available software verification techniques, 3) Quantify and report findings on the prevalence and types of security flaws and bugs found in the above collections of software for embedded devices. If time permits, this project also involves proposing or demonstrating techniques for mitigating the discovered security flaws and bugs. Some of the techniques that will be explored include static-analysis, compiler techniques, and program verification.

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