Undergrad Research Project - Real-Time Simulink Computer

Spring 2015

Brigitte Quirk
Howie Choset
Project description

The goal of this project is to assemble and use a computer that can be used to operate systems of components and motors, specifically for applications in robotics. Three different PCI boards will be installed to read rotary encoders, read analog input, and send analog output, and the computer will run Simulink Real-Time. This will allow real-time communication between sensors and motors within MATLAB and Simulink. Being able to process all of the information from a system within MATLAB will decrease the amount of time required to integrate systems of devices, because using Simulink’s graphical interface to build a system will allow the use of MATLAB’s built-in functions for data processing and image processing. Another objective of this project is to create templates for building a system, to make it easier to assemble future projects and experiments. One future goal for this project is to be able to use this computer to operate the surgical snake robot.

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