Undergrad Research Project - Impedance Measurements

Spring 2015

Aziz Yousif
Shawn Kelly
Project description

The goal of this project is to use cyclic voltammetry and electrolytic impedance measurements to facilitate developments in the study of neurological stimuli. Our first step is to ensure our measurements devices, such as the National Instruments Labview software, will be effective for the range of frequencies we will be measuring at. We will test the equipment at the frequencies required for our impedance measurements. These measurements must be within 5 percent of the expected results obtained from an oscilloscope. Next, several analog circuits that will aid in our electrolytic impedance measurements will be built, such as modified voltage followers implemented using operational amplifiers. We will, furthermore, use these results to approximate the relative impedance of different objects important in neurological studies, such as an animal eye. Finally, we will synthesize our information in such a manner that will permit this work to be peer-reviewed and eventually sent for publication.

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