Undergrad Research Project - Genprog

Fall 2014

Ramsey Natour
Claire Le Goues
Project description

The overarching goal of this research is to improve upon Genprog. Genprog is an automatic bug fixing tool that takes as input buggy C code, test cases to reveal the bugs, and test cases to ensure functionality of the program is preserved through the repair process. Genprog first identifies faulty lines through one of several fault localization algorithms and then continually makes modifications to the input code until it passes all of the given test cases. The goal of this specific project is to evaluate the performance of different fault localization schemes by running Genprog on multiple open source projects with clearly documented revision histories. The effectiveness of each fault localization scheme will be determined by comparing the lines Genprog identifies as most likely to contain a bug with where the revision histories indicate a repair was made.

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