Undergrad Research Project - Signal Processing in a DIY Microscopy

Spring 2014

John Wen-Hao Lee
Aswin Sankaranarayanan
Project description

One of the first objectives of this project is to build a cheap microscope using a mobile phone camera and the lens from a laser pointer. It is expected that decent images with a magnification of approximately 100x can be obtained with the simple setup.

With the basic microscope complete, a more precise and powerful microscope can be constructed using simple optics. While traditional microscopes make use of multiple lenses to correct for artifacts that are present in the image, one of the goals of this project is to replicate the quality of such complex lens assemblies with simpler optics and image processing algorithms to correct for distortions and aberrations.

Other image processing techniques and methods would be explored during the course of the project to investigate the effects and versatility of signal processing in that field. Should time permit, other novel techniques may be explored to process the data such that a larger quantity of information about the subject (such as depth) can be extracted, processed and presented in a useful form.

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