Undergrad Research Project - 60 GHz Patch Antenna Array

Fall 2013

Jecolia Longtchi
Jeyanandh Paramesh
Project description

The past decades have seen increased demands in bandwidth, and the amount of available spectrum for various bands has been diminishing. In order to meet these demands and also achieve Gigabits-per-second data rates, Millimeter-wave communication systems that operate at the 60 GHz band are considered. High frequency bands have many interesting features such as an abundance of unlicensed spectrum, higher frequency reuse and high capacity. However, one of the biggest disadvantages is that diffraction is relatively low at such frequencies. This means obstruction in the line of sight caused by walls or objects would lead to high path loss during propagation. A possible solution is the use of a phased array that would allow beam steering and high directivity. The objective of this project is to design a 60GHz broadband patch antenna array to be implemented in a flip-chip technology.

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