Undergrad Research Project - Hardware System Design for ECG Biometric Authentication

Fall 2013

Ahmed Shalaby
Ming Li, Xin Li
Project description

The objective of this project is to create a hardware platform that can read a live feed of figure ECG for authentication. There are two major tasks involved in this project. First, ECG must be appropriately sensed and measured, requiring high-quality ECG sensors and processing circuits at the analog front-end. In this project, commercial Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensors will be used to collect figure ECGs. Second, the ECGs from the analog front-end must be further digitalized and transmitted to a computer device. It requires an appropriate system-level integration of analog front-end, digital-to-digital converter, and other signal processing and communication components on a printed circuit board. At the end of the project, a hardware platform for figure ECG measurement will be demonstrated.

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