Undergrad Research Project - Principles of Computing Course Development

Summer-2 2013

Eshan Chordia
Zeliha Kaynar
Project description

How does online coursework affect learning? How can we fit online education into a traditional college experience without losing quality of the content or teaching? What methods of online education are the most effective, and what are ineffective? The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) at CMU has been supporting the development of online learning modules for the course 15110. The course has several modules that are being used as supplementary material to traditional lectures. The modules have clearly defined learning objectives, textual content, and carefully crafted student exercises to help students to achieve the learning objectives. The modules take advantage of the ability to use various media to support learning. My research will be in the pedagogical area. I will be contributing to the development of course modules on data structures involving hash tables, binary trees, and graphs. I will explore methods for creating an effective online learning material by actually taking part in the design of the module, writing of the exercises, and identifying how they support the learning objectives identified at start.

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