Undergrad Research Project - Analysis of Max-Flow-Min-Cut Algorithms in the Power Grid

Summer-2 2013

Alvin Mao
Gabriela Hug
Project description

In the electric power system, power flows according to Kirchhoff Laws. In addition, each line has a limit on how much power can be transmitted over this line. This restricts how much power can be injected and consumed at the various buses in the system. Power flow control devices are devices which can influence where power is flowing and are capable of redirecting power to lines which have not reached their capacity yet.

In this project, the goal is to identify how max flow min cut algorithms could be used to determine how much power can be transmitted across a specific grid topology and line capacities in a perfect world in which absolute power flow control is possible and compare it to the physically possible. In addition, it is to be studied if this algorithm could be used to find optimal settings for the power flow control devices.

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