Undergrad Research Project - Web Applications Course Development

Summer-1/All 2013

Sairam Krishnan
Jeffery Eppinger
Project description

The web application course is currently offered using Java technologies. How could it be restructured to allow projects in other languages, such as Python? How should we incorporate new frameworks and database options? How can we make it more focused on Cloud Deployment? Through the course of Summer 2013, my independent study will explore these issues. I will meet regularly with the professors who have taught this course in the past in order to analyze past students' feedbacks and exchange ideas on how we could reshape the course based on that feedback. I will also use the notes from the current and past semesters to determine how to better explain or elaborate upon certain concepts. I hope I can have a strong, positive influence on the future course offers in this area. By the end of the independent study, I expect to have produced a prototype course syllabus, homework sequence, and technology demonstrations that can help adapt the course to the changing Computer Science curriculum and can help teach students with diverse programming backgrounds. I also expect to have established a cloud platform on which future students can submit and deploy their homework applications.

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