Undergrad Research Project - Sonification of Real Time Social Data

Spring 2013

Jong Hyuk Park
Yang Cai
Project description

The objectives of this project include investigating presence of fractals in different types of music, measuring the fractal dimensions of music time series, and mapping real time social data (Facebook/ Twitter) into music notes and visual patterns. Data is interpreted and transformed into sound through Lindemayer-systems or other methods, where fractals are used in the interpretation and transformation of data to sounds. We will learn csound programming and incorporate it with other programming tools such as matlab and java to accomplish our goal.

  The project will consist of 3 parts and will be presented as report, oral presentation, and demo. In the first part of the project, fractal dimensions of music time series will be analyzed. In the second part, real-time social data will be obtained and used to implement an algorithm for sonification. In the final part, the same data obtained from part 2 will be used to map into graphical images. Anticipated result will compose of at least one working prototype.

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