Undergrad Research Project - HAMR Development

Spring 2013

David Chow
Jim Bain
Project description

In this work, I will participate in the calibration of a new near-field apertureless scanning optical microscope (NSOM). This calibration will be done with known optical sources, like single mode fibers in order to establish the sensitivity and resolution of the technique. Ultimately this technique is envisioned for use in the measurement of near field optical transducer (NFT) efficiency and mode structure. NFT's are used in heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) and the characterization of the these devices is critical for developing functioning HAMR systems.

Specifically, in this work, I will collect NSOM images of light emitted by single mode optical fibers and quantitatively compare the measurements to the theory of expected optical mode. Additionally, I will help assess the signal to noise ratio as a function of optical power level. As time permits, I will assist with modifying the fixturing of the microscope to hold NFT devices and achieve illumination of them.

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