Undergrad Research Project - Multi-core simulator Research (Embedded-systems)

Spring 2013

Yingge Guan
Radu Marculescu
Project description

The project involves the design and implementation of a multi-core simulator. The objectives of the research are to develop simulation framework mainly in C++, perform several run-throughs of standard benchmarks, and generate some meaningful data. It is also expected that later in the research I will fine-tune the parameters of the simulation platform, as well as implement several optimization techniques into the aforementioned simulator, and then produce more results representing more optimized configurations.

I will learn and apply skills in multi-threaded object-oriented programming to achieve the goals of this research. I will be using C++, C, Matlab, and possibly Verilog and other relevant languages. Last but not least, the research also requires skills in resource allocation, scheduling, and partitioning algorithms for the various components of the operating system.

The anticipated result is to acquire meaningful data through simulations, while develop the skills in analysis and programming. The research will also provide experience in cutting-edge operating systems.

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