Undergrad Research Project - External Monitoring System for Congestive Heart Failure

Spring 2013

Sivaranjani Balan
Daniel Siewiorek
Project description

The goal is to research and develop an external monitoring system for patients with congestive heart failure using advanced miniature sensors. Congestive heart failure is a deterioration of the heart muscles that can lead to death if not monitored daily. During congestive heart failure, as the heart muscle deteriorates, the ejection fraction of blood from the heart decreases. To compensate, the heart rate increases, the heart muscle enlarges, and the ejection volume further decreases. The spiral repeats until the heart cannot pump enough blood to keep the other organs supplied with oxygen. The body will retain water which puts further stress on the heart and on other organs. The main approach for treating congestive heart failure is to stabilize weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood oxygen. The method of treatment for a patient with congestive heart failure can vary but may include the surgical placement of implantable devices along with medication to regulate a patient's condition. In general, patients become familiar with self-monitoring for rapid increases in weight, edema, or other symptoms and then self medicate to correct imbalances. Self-monitoring devices empower patients to track their symptoms for signs of deterioration and intervene early to prevent hospitalization and further damage. Due to the significant physical changes to the body as CHF progresses, our research will look into the use of noninvasive, external monitoring sensors for CHF patients to replace more common, surgically implanted devices.

Research CHF characteristics, methods for monitoring, current systems, and treatment options.

Create a baseline and visionary scenario with system requirements and parameters.

Create at least one working prototype.

At midterm and final exam time we will produce a writeup, presentation, and demo of work.

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