Undergrad Research Project - Neuron Behavioral Modeling for Electrode and Electronic Co-simulation

Spring 2013

Michael Kellman
Peter Gilgunn
Project description

Objective Modern engineering design processes include hierarchical system level modeling and simulation to validate designs prior to the expensive process of fabrication. In this project, behavioral models of a neuron, the extracellular matrix, extracellular space and an implantable electrode that records the output of the neuron, or stimulates the neuron electrically, will be started.

Methods 1. The student will perform a literature search to identify the current state of the field of neuron modeling and the physical behaviors and phenomena exhibited by neurons. 2.The student will review the literature on the extracellular matrix and the extracellular space to identify their con 3. The student will review the literature on implantable microelectrode design to identify the physical characteristics that need to be modeled. 4. The student will learn Verilog-AMS, a hardware description language used for describing the response of hardware components to stimuli across multiple physical domains. 5. The student will use the Cadence design environment to generate schematic layouts in which the neuron, tissue and behavioral models will be simulated. 6. The student will learn the process of electrochemical impedance spectrometry and cyclic voltammetry and perform them on a number of state-of-the-art implantable microelectrodes. 7. The student will identify one or two physical processes that have been experimentally assessed and documented in the literature and will attempt to use their models to reproduce the experimental data.

Anticipated Results Behavioral models of a neuron, extracellular matrix, extracellular space and implantable microelectrodes will be validated against experimental data in the literature. In the most ideal case, the models will be validated for the in vitro case of a recording microelectrode detecting signals from a stimulating microelectrode broadcasting into an electrolytic solution.

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