Undergrad Research Project - Real Time Control of Humanoid Robot Under Linux

Spring 2012

Israel Schlesinger
Chris Atkeson
Project description

The goal of this project is to achieve real-time control of a Humanoid Robot under linux. In order to achieve this goal we are incorporating Xenomai, a real-time development framework with the linux kernel. Xenomai provides real-time support to user space applications and is usable for building a custom real-time interface. Previously, control of the Humanoid Robot was conducted using a Windows Operating System. However, lack of a real-time system lead to communication errors, specifically in regard to data transfer rates. The incorporation of a linux system should fix these errors. The project will also involve porting existing code which will be modified based on user requests.

Specifics include verifying that USB interfaced accelerometers work, and that the A/D-D/A board work with the real time system.

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