Undergrad Research Project - Power Reclamation (cont.)

Spring 2012

Talha Ali
Rick Carley
Project description

I would like to work on the Power Reclamation project, which involves energy recovery amplifier with resistance compression networks. This energy recovery amplifier involves a three-stage process for the power to be recycled through. They are as follows, building the resistance compression network, rectifier, and transformer. I will be working on the rectifier stage of this project.

The Rectifier stage is broken down into two stages. First we have to analyze a schottky diode made by Ken O. This diode is made in the 130nm CMOS process. And we want to build it for 45 nm CMOS process. To actually build our diode we have to analyze the characteristics of this diode, for instance the series resistance and the junction capacitance and figure out what is the frequency this diode operates on. After analyzing this diode, we should have a thorough understanding of the diode.

For the second part of this project, we are working on a rectifier stage for RF power conversion, which takes the ac power as its input and delivers DC power at the output. To build this rectifier we are going to use high-speed schottky diodes. The reason why we need to use these diodes is because we need a lower voltage drop, which can provide us with higher switching speed giving us an efficient rectifier. In addition to power efficiency, we need a high frequency schottky diode because of its smaller size. The advantage of having a higher frequency schottky diode means smaller parasitic capacitance, hence a smaller schottky diode.

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