Undergrad Research Project - Kinect healthcare application

Fall 2011

Venkat Anirudh Pesaladinne
Asim Smailagic
Project description

In this research project I will use the capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect to detect whether a computer user is performing the correct carpal tunnel exercises.
The Kinect will be able inform the computer user after a predefined amount of computer usage/typing time to start performing the exercises. Once the user has started performing the exercises, the Kinect will be able to detect whether the exercises are being done correctly. I will be using a custom gesture recognizer to create custom gestures that the Kinect will be able to detect, like vertical arm motion and wrist rotations. I will put in place certain threshold values to advice the user if he/she is swinging his/her arms too fast or swinging the arms at the wrong angle. Once completed, the Kinect application will be a standalone application that will be able to alert a computer user to perform the carpal tunnel exercises and provide advice while the user is performing them.

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