Undergrad Research Project - Coaxial Carbon Nanotube-polymer nanowires

Fall 2011

Charles Lee
Yi Luo
Project description

Polythiophene Core-Shell Nanowire for Efficient Hole Transport in Heterojunction Photovoltaic Device.

The project objective is to create an efficient polymeric photovolatic that can potentially contribute cost-effective solutions for renewable energy. We will efficiently extract the free carriers from a 3-dimensional bulk heterojunction through a transport pathway within electrochemically prepared metallic carbon nanotube-polythiophene core-shell nanowire networks to realize such a desired structure. Phenyl-C60-butyric acid methyl ester in infiltrated into the opening of the core-shell nano-networks as electron acceptor. The thin PT shell can ensure high exciton dissociation rate and efficient free hole transport to the CNT core which serves as an efficient network for extracting hole out of the heterojunction. The project will result in creating a desired structure of the coaxial carbon nanotube which will hopefully increase the power conversion efficiency of polymer based solar cells. Being optimistic, the project will result with an efficiency higher than the highest published efficiency, which is 7%.

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