Undergraduate research projects

ECE strongly believes in coupling the theoretical concepts introduced in the classroom with hands-on experience in laboratories or projects.

Faculty in the department are involved in research that is cutting edge and multidisciplinary, and undergraduate students of all levels of expertise are encouraged to be involved in research projects. Undergraduate research projects provide the student with the opportunity to earn academic credit while participating in the research programs of individual faculty members.

Project Student
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Fall 2013 Projects
Iris-Recognition Accelerator Juan Angarita
Automation of Inferring Biological Network Models Chang Sheng Cle Loh
60 GHz Patch Antenna Array Jecolia Longtchi
Test-set Ordering for Maximum Diagnosis Resolution Jaime Kang
Map Generation and Waypoint Interpolation for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Haley Dalzell
Model Design Automation of Biological Systems Peter Wei
Investigating Articulatory Features with Neural Networks for Low Resource Languages Hernando Vidal
Hardware System Design for ECG Biometric Authentication Ahmed Shalaby
DaVinci Surgical System Nathan Appelson
Brain Stimulation Devices Ana Cruz
Understanding the ways that genetic algorithms can be utilized in automatic bug fixing Manuel Diaz Corrada
Summer-2 2013 Projects
Principles of Computing Course Development Eshan Chordia
Analysis of Max-Flow-Min-Cut Algorithms in the Power Grid Alvin Mao
Web Applications Course Development (Summer II) Sairam Krishnan
Summer-1/All 2013 Projects
Web Applications Course Development Sairam Krishnan
Spring 2013 Projects
Large Dataset Analysis and Processing Techniques Matthew Baron
Multi-core simulator Research (Embedded-systems) Yingge Guan
HAMR Development David Chow
Simulation of Bacterial Communication Mechanisms In Order To Explore Bacterial Nanocommunication Networks Sairam Krishnan
Neuron Behavioral Modeling for Electrode and Electronic Co-simulation Michael Kellman
Data Acquisition for Optical Tweezers Pronoy Biswas
ARM-based processor design Jeremie Kim
Sonification of Real Time Social Data Jong Hyuk Park
ARM-based processor design Ji Hye Lee
Efficient Implementation of Movement Decoding for Brain Computer Interface Using Fixed-Point Arithmetic Alvin Mao
Software tools for evaluating the neural effect of light therapy Hao-Wei Yeh
Implementation and assessment of video stabilization for structured light applications Debjani Biswas
DNA Sequence Alignment John Greth
Multicore Simulator Research Varun Kohli
Drone-RK Nathaniel Storer
Development of Unified Framework for Cyber Physical Systems Arushi Chawla
A/D Converter Chad Cole
Gravity Offloader Control Station Nicholas Letwin
"Green" Communication Circuits Euen Fan
picoCTF Garrett Barboza
Implementing LDPC Decoder for minimizing transmit + decoding power Patrick Jang
Solar Splash Sensors Andrew Toth
Running-Mate Racer Kevin Waters
Running-Mate Racer Matthew Burnett
External Monitoring System for Congestive Heart Failure Sivaranjani Balan
New Idea Management Christopher Leaf
Visualization of Real Time Social Data Soyoung Yoon
New Idea Management Aaron Zhang

Project administration

Students, submit and manage your research projects online.

Open Research Projects

Please see the following list of open research projects for undergraduates.


The Small Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) program offers grants for materials and supplies to undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon for research in all fields of study.