Undergraduate research projects

ECE strongly believes in coupling the theoretical concepts introduced in the classroom with hands-on experience in laboratories or projects.

Faculty in the department are involved in research that is cutting edge and multidisciplinary, and undergraduate students of all levels of expertise are encouraged to be involved in research projects. Undergraduate research projects provide the student with the opportunity to earn academic credit while participating in the research programs of individual faculty members.

Project Student
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Fall 2011 Projects
Power Reclamation Talha Ali
Memory Hierarchy Architecture Chan Sik Kim
Influence of Website Architecture on Cloud Management in Desktop and Mobile Seoyeon Yang
Coaxial Carbon Nanotube-polymer nanowires Charles Lee
Cyber-Security in Electric Power Systems Aakriti Gupta
Wireless Resonant Power Transfer Andrew Hillenius
Kinect healthcare application Venkat Anirudh Pesaladinne
The Study and Improvement of Damage Localization in pipe geometries Nattamon Thavornpitak
Control and test of switched capacitor electronics for a gas chemical sensor Zhaotao Xu
Advanced Lunar Power Systems Nicholas Letwin
High Performance Pearson Correlation on a GPU Hanrui Zhang
Neural Signal Processing for Brain Computer Interface Saketh Pothireddy
Temporal and Spatial Dependencies between Renewable Resources Liang Tang
Lunar X Prize 1/6 Scale Model Data Kevin Fulton
Temporal and Spatial Dependencies between Renewable Resources Mark Lim
SIFT Vector-Matching Algorithm Hardware Application for CoRAM FPGA Architecture Taylor Womack
Perception and Control for Autonomous Driving Jifu Zhou
Building Near Field Communication On Grey System Yuze Lang
Inertial Sensors: CMOS-MEMS capacitive accelerometer with piezoresisitive stress sensors Debjani Biswas
Summer-1/All 2011 Projects
Develop Mobile Application for Salon Web Application Balaji Shyamsundar
Memory Architecture in Multicore Chan Sik Kim
Spring 2011 Projects
Perception Systems for Mobile Robotic Devices Rui Cai
Lunar Power Systems Prototype Nicholas Letwin
Autonomous Mesh Network Deployment in Mining Disasters David Haas
Research in Localization of a 12 Legged Multi-Modal-Locomotion Robot Ben Koopman
Parameterizable on-chip network infrastructure Neereja Sundaresan
Parameterizable on-chip network infrastructure Archa Jain
Trojan circuit detection for hardware security Qiannan Zhang
Utilizing GPUs for benchmarking an autotuning system Rachita Chandra
Evaluating the Effect of Layout Regularity on Circuit Performance Volkan Eren
Evaluating the Effect of Layout Regularity on Circuit Performance Erica Tucker
Autonomous vehicle information live streaming (Continued) Paul Cho
Surviving WiFi Interference Maxim Buevich
Debug Communicator Interface Tarush Aggarwal
Adopting system of systems engineering concepts to electric power systems Ee Kent Lew
Chaos in Spin Torque Oscillators Charles Delascasas
Using National Household Travel Survey Data in the Decision of Power Provision to Electric Cars Liang Tang
Child Car Seat Alert System Ji Hang Shin
Soft Pairwise Grouping for Computer Vision Jason Lin

Project administration

Students, submit and manage your research projects online.

Open Research Projects

Please see the following list of open research projects for undergraduates.


The Small Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) program offers grants for materials and supplies to undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon for research in all fields of study.