Undergraduate research projects

ECE strongly believes in coupling the theoretical concepts introduced in the classroom with hands-on experience in laboratories or projects.

Faculty in the department are involved in research that is cutting edge and multidisciplinary, and undergraduate students of all levels of expertise are encouraged to be involved in research projects. Undergraduate research projects provide the student with the opportunity to earn academic credit while participating in the research programs of individual faculty members.

Project Student
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Fall 2007 Projects
Wireless Sensor Networks Benjamin Chidester
A MESH For A New Generation Frank Palermo
Constructing 3D image from an image. Insik Yoon
Shallowx Robot Zhern-Sue Lai
Reducing Network downtime Wai Yong Low
Mobot without vision Kyunghwan Choi
Harris Corner Detection in ICTrack Richard Wang
Access Controls for Home Storage Christina Johns
VLSI optimization Randal Hong
Co-construction of Documents Jesse Mwaura
Fabrication of sub 50 nm patterened nano-array on magnetic material Daniel Mirkovic
High frequency energy dissipation characterization in magnetic head Nikhil Mallavarapu
Multi-view Capturing using an array of convex lenses Han Joo Chae
Emulating Gameboy Sounds with Minbleps Umpei Kurokawa
3D LIDAR Navigation System and Motor System for Automated Machine Jonas Cleveland
General Object Detection Jay Bartlett
Diagnosing Emergent Security Issues under Service Composition Nathan Mickulicz
Image Analysis Using Different Feature Detectors for Matching Irises Charisse Magsipok
FPGA Prototyping for Application Specific Architectures Sandeep Atluri
ICTrack Sarah Hsieh
2D to 3D image rendering Yu Wang
Minifactory Dispensing Agent Michael Seok
Summer 2007 Projects
How much area is covered by public safety frequency bands? Jun Lee
Spring 2007 Projects
Light-weight Floating-Point IPs for FPGAs Ching-Kai Liang
ICTrack Han-Wei Kung
Studio Microphone System Eric Boulanger
Wireless Network Emulator Mahtiyar Bonakdarpour
IBR Shabnam Aggarwal
Trinetra Project / Systems Research Nathan Mickulicz
Synbiosys website and demo Rathan Raj Rajamanickam
Raw Image Accumulation and Analysis David Kang
Methods for IC security Travis Brier
Infrared Laser David Titus
Characterization of Polythiophene and Nanoparticle Sensors for Gas Chemical Detection Jiake Wu
Adaptive Resource Allocation for Medical Networks Russell Savage
Magnetic Tape Test Stand Nikhil Mallavarapu
IBR Ankita Puri

Project administration

Students, submit and manage your research projects online.

Open Research Projects

Please see the following list of open research projects for undergraduates.


The Small Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) program offers grants for materials and supplies to undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon for research in all fields of study.