Undergraduate Admissions (B.S. in ECE)

Engineering continues to be a leader in undergraduate education. Our college has created innovative curriculum which provides our students with the skill-set to be competitive in the global marketplace.

Pradeep Khosla, Former Dean, College of Engineering

Program objectives

The objectives of the ECE program represent our vision for what our students will be doing in their engineering careers five years after they have graduated. The principal behaviors we seek to foster in our students are expertise, innovation and leadership.

The ECE Academic Guide has everything you need to know about the Bachelor of Science degree in ECE, including:

For over sixty years, the Carnegie Plan of Professional Education has been a vital component of the educational objectives of Carnegie Mellon University. The ECE department continues to place great emphasis on problem solving and design based upon the traditions of the Carnegie Plan.

With the introduction of its innovative broad and flexible curriculum in 1991, the ECE Department revitalized professional problem solving and design in their proper role in the engineering curriculum. The goal of ECE's curriculum is to create a flexible undergraduate educational experience, comprising: mathematics, science, computer science and statistics; general education (humanities, social sciences and fine arts); written and oral communication; electrical and computer engineering core, breadth, coverage, depth, and capstone design requirements; as well as free electives.

By enabling multiple paths through our program, we can accommodate students with different backgrounds, interests, skills and career goals. Within the flexible requirements, the students can customize and configure their programs to meet their objectives and particular career goals. Traditional students can prepare for technological careers in industry, graduate school or the road to management. The more interdisciplinary students can utilize our program as a launching pad for professional careers in business, law, medicine, or public service.

A top-ranked school

2017 rankings for undergraduate engineering programs at Carnegie Mellon University*:

Best Undergraduate Engineering Program (#8)
Engineering Specialties: Electrical (#11)
Engineering Specialties: Computer (#5)

* As reported by US News and World Report 

Many ways to get involved

Check out the list of student organizations and societies that are available to ECE students.