18-899 Special Topics in Signal Processing
Multimedia Communications:
Coding, Systems, and Networking


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 Course Syllabus for Spring 1998

Course description

This course introduces technologies for multimedia communications. We will address how to efficiently represent multimedia data, including video, image, and audio, and how to deliver them over a variety of networks. In the coding aspect, state-of-the-art compression technologies will be presented. Emphasis will be given to a number of standards, including H.26x, MPEG, and JPEG. In the networking aspect, special considerations for sending multimedia over ATM, wireless, and IP networks, such as error resilience and quality of service, will be discussed. The H.32x series, standards for audiovisual communication systems in various network environments, will be described. Current research results in multimedia communications will be reviewed through student seminars in the last weeks of the course.


Professor Tsuhan Chen tsuhan@ece.cmu.edu x8-7536 Porter Hall B11

Office Hours: MW 10:20AM-12:00 or by email appointment

Teaching Intern

Glen Co Ong go24+@andrew.cmu.edu

Office Hours: Tue 3:30 - 5:30PM at the undergraduate lounge, ECE

Course secretary

Carol Patterson carol@ece.cmu.edu x8-7286 Porter Hall B15


MW 9:00-10:20AM PH A18B


18-791 (Digital Signal Processing) and 36-217 (Probability) or equivalents


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Old handouts will be available in a file cabinet under the exit sign near Porter Hall B20.

Computer assignments and projects

The best way to understand a coding algorithm is to program it. Therefore, this course emphasizes computer assignments and projects. Students will complete individual assignments, and form small groups (2~3 person per group) to complete projects in audio, image and video coding. The use of C/C++ is encouraged. If you plan to use other programming languages, please discuss it with the instructor.

Student Seminars

Students will form groups to study emerging technologies in multimedia coding and communications. Each group will prepare a written report and present a seminar in class. These seminars will be scheduled in the second half of the semester.


Problem sets will be assigned every week on Wednesday, and are due the following Wednesday before class. A component of the homework will be computer assignments. These computer assignments mainly involve building components that will be used later in the projects. No late homework will be accepted.


The midterm project will be due in the week of March 9-13 (the 9th week). The final project will be due in the week of May 4-8 (the 17th week). During the week when the project is due, each group will schedule a time slot with the instructor and TA to demonstrate the project.


Homework: 10%

Seminars: 20%

Midterm project: 30%

Final project: 40%


Please check the class bboard, cmu.ece.class.ee899, regularly for announcements.

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