ECE 18-756: Packet Switching and Computer Networks

Fall 2008

Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Course Description:

This first level graduate course in networking provides an understanding of the key concepts in networks through lectures, seminars, and projects. The topics include SONET, MPLS, GMPLS, Optical networks, packet switch architectures, QoS, Routing, and other advanced topics in networks.

This course is particularly useful for those students who would like to gain a fundamental understanding of the principles of operation of communication and data networks and go out to have careers in this hot area as well as those who would like to do their M.Sc. or Ph.D. thesis in this area. The course will assume that the student have a basic understanding of Probability Theory and an elementary understanding of computer networks at the level of Computer Networks (this is 18-345 at Carnegie Mellon University)

Class Time:


Course Evaluation:

You are expected to read papers and submit review reports throughout the course. The paper review reports are worth 10 % of the final grade.
Problem sets and Projects are worth 30% of the final grade. Details on the projects will be handed out later, but will be based on OPNET.
There will be 2 exams and 2 tests in the course.


Prof. Hyong S. Kim (

Teaching Assistants:


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