18-743 Energy Aware Computing
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The purpose of this course is to cover a variety of aspects related to energy aware computing.

While it is recognized that power consumption has become the limiting factor in keeping up with increasing performance trends, static or point solutions for power reduction are beginning to reach their limits. This course is intended to provide an insight into how various power reduction techniques can be used and orchestrated such that the best performance can be achieved within a given power budget, or the best power efficiency can be obtained under prescribed performance constraints.

The paradigm of energy aware computing is intended to fill the gap between gate/circuit-level and system level power management techniques, by providing more power management levels and application-driven adaptability.

15-213, basic compiler design and OS knowledge.
Prerequisites: One of: 18-741, 18-760, 18-525, or instructor's consent.
Note: As of Fall 2003, all course materials are on the Blackboard. This page is no longer updated, except for the syllabus for the current offering.

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