18649 - Soda Machine Example Portfolio

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Soda Machine Example

We have created a complete design project based on the soda machine used in the End-to-End Design Process lecture.  It includes all the project phases for Projects 2-7, as well as the network schedule analysis from Project 11.  You can refer to this project to help you understand how everything from the design project fits together.

Note:  You may not verbatim copy any text from the example portfolio into your project.  Doing so will be treated as cheating and will be dealt with according the course policies  (This restriction does not apply to text that is in common with the portfolio template provided for your use).  If you have any doubts about whether your project is too similar to the soda machine example, ask a TA or the course instructor during office hours to make sure you are okay.
Disclaimer:  The soda machine example was written during the Spring 2010 semester.  The course project and simulation framework is always evolving as we refine and improve the projects, so the soda machine example may become outdated as time goes on.  If you find a significant discrepancy between the example and the project requirements, you should always follow the project requirements.  If you're not sure, ask a TA during office hours.

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